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Avatar produces human voice, non-musical audio. Our specialties are corporate narrations and audio book production.

Production is the chief bailiwick of Avatar's Managing Member, Ms. Benita McShan. Ms. McShan was introduced to her craft during her tenure as a studio monitor for the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) in Louisville, Kentucky. While at APH Ms. McShan was involved in the production of Talking Books for the National Library Service of the Library of Congress.  Ms. McShan, whose baccalaureate degree is in Mass Media Arts and Mass Communications, has been engaged in providing American Disability Act compliant audio services for the blind and print handicapped as both a vocation and avocation since the 1980s. She is responsible for introducing Spanish language programming for the blind during her tenure as a radio control board operator for the Georgia Radio Reading Service for the Blind and Print Handicapped (GARRS).  In addition to voicing, proofing, editing, mastering and publishing audio files via the Internet as audio books and eBooks, she also creates mp3 audio for eLearning, training, audio signage, tours and mp3 audio devices including CD and computer platforms. 

Currently, Ms. McShan hosts a monthly podcast that surveys the African-American press for the Audio Internet Radio Reading Service of Los Angeles (AIRS-LA).

In 2010 she served in an Executive on Loan capacity as the Director of Grants, Proposals and Contracts Management for the Government Contractors Association.

AVATAR Media's 
Print and Internet Services

Wordtronics.Com, a print media communications service is the oldest member of the Avatar Media family. Wordtronics, via its cadre of professional writers, has subcontracted to provide Federal Register Summaries and Dissertation Reviews to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta since 2002. In addition to creating white papers, ghost writing and creating marketing collateral for commercial and nonprofit, clients, since 1997 Wordtronics has provided paralegal and research services to its clients.

Wordtronics' founder, Ms. Benita McShan, directs the day to day operation of the company. She received her journalism and writing education at Clark College in Atlanta. Her professional writing skills were honed under the tutelage of the editors of the International Herald Tribune in Paris. She is a past president of the Georgia Writer's Association and has served as the chairperson of the prestigious annual Georgia Author of the Year competition. Ms. McShan is also the founder and executive director of the Southeastern Writing Resource Center, Inc, a non-profit organization that offers creative writing workshops to shut-in and recovery oriented populations.

Ms. McShan has held staff writer positions with publications in Europe and the United States. Her writing has appeared in The Atlanta Journal, The Danville Commercial-News and The Louisville Times daily newspapers. She was also a regular contributor to the suburban London weekly, The Brentford & Chiswick Times Newspaper as well as Paris' Le Metro magazine and Atlanta's Venus magazine.

The A Team

Benita McShan, MSA, GCM

Ms. Benita McShan is the Managing Member of Avatar LLC. She has a graduate degree and mastery certification in several business disciplines. For more than a decade she was a senior manager of regional contract negotiations for Western Electric products and services for AT&T and its offshoot, Lucent Technologies Inc.

MTG Consultants, Inc

MTG, owned by the four Graham sisters, provides the administrative services and financial management framework for Avatar Media/Avatar LLC. Headed by Revonna Graham Mitchell, PhD., MTG offers expertise in accounting, finance, program and project management, curriculum development and database design and implementation. The MTG team boasts two PhDs, three MBAs, one CPM and one certified Microsoft engineer.

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